Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Remembering Volodymyr and Marina Butsky.

It's been one year.

Still thinking how precious our time is on this planet.

May God Rest Your Souls In Peace

Volodymyr "Vlad" Butsky

Birth: 1973
Poltavs'ka, Ukraine
Death: Feb. 22, 2013
Monterey County
California, USA

Marina Butsky

Birth: 1972
Poltavs'ka, Ukraine
Death: Feb. 22, 2013
Monterey County
California, USA

Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 SHOT Show Media Day: KORTH

Outrageous engineering, roller bearing slide, solid build, sweet trigger what can I say: KORTH!

New for North America a YANE (Yet Another Nineteen Eleven)

 This one feels awesome, shoots awesome.

Take a look at the cut away engineering. Sweet!

Cut Away Roller Bearing Slide

Cut Away

Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 SHOT Show: New Sig 556xi Russian

Just got a good look at the SIG Sauer 556R replacement.

The SIG 556xi Russian.

This seems like a nice rifle. The upper and lower are tight, it's lighter, no plastic hand guards.

The lower is dimensionally identical to the SIG 556R. The trigger is the same. There's an integrated extended winter trigger guard on the lower of the SIG 556xi Russian  though. That's a nice touch. The pistol grip is smaller and has a more solid feel which is pretty nice.

Even though the 556R is heavier it's components seem a lot more solid and durable. The 556R is closer to the original Swiss 556 in design and materials.

The SIG 556R beautiful gas system is gone with the big adjustment knob that can be handled with a glove in cold weather. Gone is the giant gas block with integrated sling attachments and non folding SIG front sight. Gone is the nice heavy barrel permanently attached to the upper.

Now, the new SIG 556xi allows you to change the barrels. So now you can switch calibers by changing out the barrel and bolt. If you want you can switch the charging handle to the left side. The rubber charging handle slot guides to keep dust out can be replaced easily now because they are held in with a clip not riveted in. The new rifle comes in a SWAT configuration which is a simply a smooth hand guard with minimal railing capability. It comes with folding BUIS. Also, a 3 pronged flash hider (for some reason). There's an integrated extended winter trigger guard on the lower. So that is different.

The 556xi Russian upper can fit directly onto the 556R lower. So if you can get just the upper you can instantly upgrade.

I have the SIG 556R which I am really happy with. But, since I can get the new lower and put it on my upper I'll be able to get the nice extended winter trigger guard and nice pistol grip. The upper is the serialize portion of the gun so this won't be a problem.

 So, in summary, there are a lot of changes to get the gun a little lighter but I'll keep my rifle and possibly get the new lower to get the newer stuff on it.

SIG 556xi Russian SWAT

SIG 556xi Russian

SIG 556xi Russian Detail, Replaceable rubber dust cover.

SHOT Show 2014 FAB Defense Ultimag 10R Star Mag. Ultimate F-You

Five Fab Defense Ultimag 10R Magazines coupled together via a five sided coupler. Also, two can be coupled together linearly so you just flip the mag over to get to the other 10 rounds.

The FAB Defense Star Magazine is a direct result of the crazy out-of-control laws that are passed in irrational gun hating states.

This magazine is a evolutionary manifestation directly resulting from wacky laws that are passed. Pass a wacky law: Get a equally wacky product to circumvent the law.

I'll be buying this product in the 5 10 round pentagram configuration to not only support innovative companies that are willing to develop products specifically taylored to undermined irrational gun laws but to foster that creativity and fund continued development of them.

Even though this product might be a little unusual I love it. I'll buy it for my future museum of products that hit the market during the dark days of gun banners and as a symbol representing the current administrations religious zealotry against law abiding freedom loving citizens.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 SHOT Show: Sun Devil Manufacturing

Dropped by Sun Devil Manufacturing to visit my friends their and to see what's new.

They offer a bunch of custom graphics on their rifle.

Got this new aluminum comp from Dave to put on my Sun Devil. Thanks!

Here's a cut away showing the difference between their upper on the left and a standard upper on the right. Sun Devil makes a pretty robust upper.

2014 SHOT Show Robinson Arms

I met with Alex Robinson and he's a changed man. He's adopted the policy of producing products customers want. I had to do a double take to make sure this wasn't the product of some medicated alternate reality.

I was assured it was not.

He saw more and more of his staff modifying their XCR by cutting down the rails to make the gun lighter. 

Now he is finally offering.an XCR without rails but has the ability to add them if you want.

The rifle is nicely balanced and very light.

They have also redesigned the bolt to reduce trigger slap and increase the durability of the plastic/rubber bolt carrier stop.

Also, to change calibers only a small change is required to the bolt apart from the obvious barrel changes.

All the current upgrades to the upper and bolt can be used to upgrade older XCR's which I am very happy about.

Another new product is a short barreled .308. It has a 9 inch barrel. It felt awesome. I wish I had a opportunity to shoot it.

Here's an example where they will cut the rails to the way tou want it. This XCR has shorter side rails.