Friday, December 17, 2021

Cool Product: Added a KS-12 TRSS (SHORT) M-LOK RAIL To My Saiga-12


KS-12 TRSS ready to install.

I just found out about the new KS-12 TRSS M-LOK rail offered by Kalashnikov-USA and order one right away. 

The hand guard on my Saiga-12 was one of the main pain points of my gun. I couldn't find the right one. I went through a total of 4 hand guards! The original stock hand guard without a lower rail, one with a lower rail, the TAPCO Intrafuse Tri-Rail hand guard (to bulky) and the final hand guard I settled on was the KS12 Tactical Hand guard. 

The polymer KS-12 Tactical was pretty good. It weights in at 10.4 ozs some drawbacks include the QD attachments don't work. I worked around that short coming by adding some QD cups. It was a great solution and felt pretty good looked nice.

Then the TRSS hit the market!

Removing the KS-12 Tactical Hand guard

I removed the KS-12 Tactical hand guard and prepared the Saiga-12 for the TRSS install.

Test fit

Put the TRSS on for a test fit and it slid on like a glove. Perfect fit! That's cool.

In order to bring the new hand guard up to par with the old one in terms of what is hanging off it I bought some rail segments and a QD sling mount.

All M-LOK rails and stuff added.

All rails attached and accessories hung. 

Sling attached

Attached my sling. This is the holy grail of hand guards. It feels great and is very slim and versatile.

Finally my Saiga-12 is built the way I want it to be.

Tight interface to receiver.

Thanks Kalashnikov USA for making this cool rail!

Even better fit after some adjustments made.

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