Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Z-M Weapons LR300 Becomes ParaUSA TTR

ParaUSA bought Z-M Weapons LR rifles with their unique direct impingement gas system.

I happen to have bought the Z-M Weapons LR300 NXL just before the company was sold to ParaUSA so now I can show you the unique features of the rifle that I have.

The rifle works great pretty accurate although I'm still testing that aspect. Keeps a little cleaner that a traditional Stoner designed DI gun. It's a little harder to break down. When they say "no tools needed" that's not entirely true.

The picture above is a shot of my gun with a fixed stock. The folding stock is $350.00 extra dollars and I can't get it anyway and remain over the 30" requirement when folded.

I bought the "kit". I ended up putting the LR300 upper on my Noveske lower. Nice tight fit.

Here a pic of the top rail removed and you can see the "buffer" spring and the extended bolt key that covers the half length gas tube.

Here's a shot of the gas tube. Not very long is it?

Here's a pic of the bolt carrier group, extended bolt key and buffer spring that runs along the barrel.

Here a close up of the BCG. Notice that it's about half the length of a regular BCG and the extended bolt key is raised.

This shot shows the "buffer spring" over the extended bolt key.

This shows the gas tube and the extended bolt key goes over it.

All in all I'm happy with the rifle. I've used it in one carbine course and it was reliable. I'm still on the fence regarding accuracy though.

I have a three holed YHM muzzle break on my gun and when it's being shot there is no muzzle movement at all and deminished recoil too.

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