Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Z-M Weapons LR300 Fixed!

Just to follow up on my broken LR300.

I was attending a Viking Tactics Carbine Course and half way through day one my LR300 broke! I was very disappointed because I was trying to show that this thing could perform. Some students were very impressed with the accuracy until it broke. Then interest faded fast!

In the picture above the op-rod broke right on the tip just above where the spring ends. This picture shows it before it broke...

I bought the rifle from Yankee Hill Machine as they were the official builders/distributors of the LR300 and since then the the manufacturing license was sold to Para Ordinance. So, I was in a little bit of a limbo state not knowing where to get the rifle fixed since Para isn't up-and-running yet with the new rifle. Luckily, I had called Al Zitta, the inventor of the LR300, previously and talked with him about his rifle and got some other parts. So, as soon as it broke I called him up and he said, "Send it in".

I sent the rifle December 20th UPS ground and as soon as he received it he called me to explain what had happened. He said it looked like the op rod was off spec a little and it's been fixed and sent out!

I got it back today and it looks better than new! The Yankee Hill Machine guys did a bit of a hack job on it grinding off the nice nickel plated finish off of the op-rod assembly.

The shiny parts is where they ground the material off.

The new op-rod is perfect and Al worked his magic on some other parts deburring parts here and there and polishing the feed ramps.

He's an awesome dude! Now I have to put it through the ringer and try and break it again! I feel confident that it won't fail again in that area anyway.

Al was mentioning that he has more control over the manufacturing and quality control now that Para Ordinance is taking over manufacturing of this awesome rifle so it will be made according to Al's specifications.

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