Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daystate AirWolf airgun - A techical marvel

Daystate AirWolf

The Daystate Airwolf is not only beautiful but probably the most technically advanced airgun available today.

Manufactured in Staffordshire Great Britain, the AirWolf is a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) bolt action airgun that has its own 500cc compressed air reservior charged to 3300 psi.

Bolt Action

It has multiple electronic programmable power settings, a two stage trigger, fully baffled barrel shroud, an external fill pressure gauge and a 10 shot magazine. There are other electronic features that can be activated like shot counter and shooting modes if you want them.

10 Shot Magazine

Daystate pioneered the modern precharged pneumatic airgun over 30 years ago where they were used primarily as tranquilizer guns for game reserves.

Circuit Board in the AirWolf

I've been able to achieve sub 1MOA groups at 50 yards with this airgun at the local range. Since the trigger is electronic, i.e. there is no sear, it is very light. Just touching the trigger can fire off a pellet.

Dismantled AirWolf

The AirWolf can be set to 15 different power levels allowing a lot of versatility for shooting options. You can set up a little range in your basement setting the air gun on minimum power or crank up the power to 900 fps for longer range shooting opportunities. Also, the AirWolf allows you to practice your marksmanship on a budget. You don't need a lot overhead to have fun in a field.

External Air Tank

A PCP airgun generally needs an external air supply to fill it up. I achieve that with an air tank that I get filled up at the local SCUBA shop. The cost of a fill up is minimal and it lasts a long time.

Overall, I love the look of the Gary Cane designed, walnut ambi thumbhole stock with rosewood cap. It's very comfortable hold and shoot. It's an excellent addition to my regualar powder burners.

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