Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bullet Points Training Notes.

Just a few notes to self for future reference, nothing to get excited about. There seems to be a lot of conventional wisdom floating around and a lot of genuinely good ideas too. I'd like to try pick out some general training points that could be used or applied to increase some aspect of my training. I'll just start with this little list and see where the idea goes.

  • The importance of proper trigger control over sight alignment/sight picture.
  • We all wobble as we hold and shoot a pistol and that as long as we maintain reasonable sight alignment and properly press the trigger, good hits will result.
  • The only reliable fight stopping hits are the ones placed in critically vital areas and not just anywhere on a torso.
  • Shooting under any kind of pressure is much more valuable than simply blasting rounds.
  • If you can execute fundamentals reliably with a pistol, the carbine becomes a piece of cake.
  • A traditional range sets us up for failure in real world shootings because there is no berm and the real world is a two-way range.
  • Keep the trigger finger straight and in register unless actually engaged and to maintain muzzle awareness at all times.
  • A serious shooter should always practice trigger control, bullseye level precision shooting and shooting on the move whenever they undertake a practice session.

I'm sure I'll add, subtract modify, clarify as time goes on.


Home on the Range said...

I think you've covered it very, very well there.

Points that can't be stressed enough.

Gun eTools said...

No pun intended...