Monday, April 27, 2009

Accelerated Carbine Training Weekend

Had some fun training with the carbine this weekend. A nice sized class of eight got together to train. We covered all the basics marksmanship techniques, driving your rifle, leading with your eyes, shooting on the move, malfunctions, malfunction drills, turning and shooting, conventional position and unconventional positions, zig-zag drill, barricade drills, transitioning to support side, transitioning to pistol and much much more. A great instructor and cadre to ensure everyone was on the same page. A packed solid sixteen hours of training, very intensive to say the least.

A variety of weapons including a Addax Tactical GPU piston AR which worked well. A Robinson Arms XCR chambered in 7.62
X39 which work without any problems at all. The XCR had an Aimpoint T-1 Micro mounted on it. A nice solid gun and build quality was excellent.

There was also a Stag 2TL for the south paw. I was using my ZM Weapons LR300 and it performed great. I really love using this carbine.

Some people had troubles with their AR's that were a result of inadequate lubrication and in one case someone failed to install their buffer spring.

Here are some day two photos.

Setting up for conventional and unconventional shooting positions.

Leading with our eyes drill.

Shooting from different ranges to gauge offset drill.

Just listening to Jeff

SBU prone (but on something)

Supported Seated kneeling position

Stretch kneeling
Conventional Sitting Position

Spread Legged Sitting

Attempted "Stacking your feet" position

I definitely need to practice my transitions from one position to another and I'd like to feel "natural" in all the positions. Just more practice.

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