Wednesday, April 15, 2009

World War II era weapons recovered in Bibb County

Thought this was interesting...

Alabama road crews discovered World War II era weapons recovered in Bibb County
David Hyche, right, of the ATF and Bibb County Sheriff Keith Hannah show a cache of WWII era weapons found in a creek in Bibb county last Thursday. The ATF is asking the public's for help in finding out the source of the guns.

A cache of World War II-era weapons discovered last week in a Bibb County, Alabama, creek had probably been there less than 24 hours, authorities said today.

David Hyche, resident agent in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Birmingham office, said he has never encountered anything like this in his 21 years of work.

The firepower, discovered by a state road crew conducting a bridge inspection just north of
Centreville late last week, is il­legal to own, still in working condition and probably worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars

It's a significant arsenal if it got into the wrong hands," Hyche said.

Bibb County Sheriff Keith Hannah said state road work­ers called his office on Thurs­day after spotting the weap­ons.

Hannah sent a sheriff's dive team into the water, where they found four Japanese ma­chine guns, a Japanese antitank cannon, an Italian ma­chine gun, a Japanese 50mm mortar and a Thompson ma­chine gun, also known as the Tommy Gun, a popular Prohi­bition-era submachine gun.

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