Sunday, May 17, 2009

DSC: MEU(SOC) Drill, Run for Cover Drill Fun!

Today we had a great day of training! About 15 dedicated responsible citizens got together to do some kick-ass firearms training lead by Jeff P. our enthusiastic, tireless leader.

We started out the day with some drills at the 15 and 7 yard lines to practice basic marksmanship. Once all the wrinkles were worked out of everyone's technique and or fire arms we moved on to the MEU(SOC) drill!

The MEU(SOC) drill is, in a word, INTENSE!

Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) qualification courses for the M4 carbine and pistol.

TheMEU(SOC)(Marine Expeditionary Unit/Special Operations Capable) drill consists of two parts, one for rifle and one for pistol. Each part is, in turn broken down into two phases, phase one consists of one target while phase two consists of two targets.

The following photo is our MEU(SOC) qualification set up.
We only did the pistol portion of the qualification and we did not transition to carbine since we didn't have any available. Also, we didn't have enough target stands available for everyone to shoot the phase 2 two target requirement to we just used one target for the phase two segment. Our scores were added up and, well, we need to practice! It was my first time trying out the MEU(SOC) and once I got into a grove I started to get into it. Just for posterity I managed a score of 73. I definitely want to try it again!

Next up we did a "Run for Cover" Drill. That was a lot of fun too and covered a lot of basics. Drawing, shooting-on-the-move, barricades, marksmanship, gun handling, tactics(basically the Combat Triad)
Explaining "Run For Cover" Drill

The group shot this drill using both hands and again but only using the support side hand. This included reloading and all gun handling to be done support side only.

Both hands version

Support side only version.

We also were training in 102 degree weather. I went through a lot of water!

Oh, I was also using my M&P9 today. Not a single issue, worked great.

One thing that happened that was an interesting malfunction was someone had a squib. So, we had a great learning opportunity there.

Can't wait for the next training session!

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