Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nice day at the range today

Had some fun at the range today. Just confirming my zero's for my rifles.

I got to practice my marksmanship skills:

  1. Sight Alignment - Properly aligning your front sight with your rear sight.
  2. Trigger Control - maintaining correct sight alignment while squeezing the trigger.
  3. Breathing - The point at which when you are exhaling all movement has stopped - then pause - all this in conjunction with the trigger squeeze.
    Breath control for engaging single targets.
    Breath control while engagement of short-exposure targets.
  4. Follow Through - watching your sights or being aware of their position throughout the total sequence, slowly releasing the trigger once the shot breaks until the trigger resets.

Advanced Marksmanship

Sniper Marksmanship
Advanced Rifle Marksmanship

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