Monday, June 22, 2009

Robinson Armamnet - XCR

Robinson Armament of Salt Lake City, whose motto is: Aut Pax Aut Bellum; translated literally as "Either peace or war", colloquially translated as "In peace and war.", made its debut in the mid 1990s with the M96 Expeditionary Rifle whose exterior closely resembled the Stoner 63. The M96 is no longer produced, but the company started making the XCR in 2006.

M96 Expeditionary Rifle

Now in 2009 the XCR is in it's "Version II" evolution coming with an enhanced "two stage" trigger, integrated trigger guard, refined ambidextrous paddle safety, improved gas system and other tweaks making the rifle much improved.

The XCR has several desirable features which enhance the function, ergonomics and mission flexibility of the rifle. These include:

• User changeable calibers
• User changeable chrome lined barrel offered in 2 lengths and contours
• User adjustable gas system
• MIL-STD-1913 accessory rails integral with the top, bottom and sides of the upper receiver
• AR-15 magazine compatible
• Left side charging handle/forward assist
• Ambidextrous bolt hold open device
• AR-15 accessories are mostly all compatible

XCRs have a 5 position, quick adjustable gas system used to make the rifle run optimally with varies ammunition. One of the positions is designed specifically for when used in conjunction with a sound suppressor.

This XCR is configured with their 7.62X39 kit.

Taking the XCR out to the range is very fun indeed. My first time out I managed some sub 2MOA groups using an Aimpoint with a 2MOA dot. Not bad considering I was just out having fun and getting some rounds through the rifle to "break it in"

Here's the 50 yard set up. I didn't go any farther because I didn't have my spotting scope with me or any scopes that magnify to see my results. Also, I was technically, just sighting it in today.

The new two stage trigger is very nice.

My target's are on the fourth stand from the right.
Here's a closeup of the targets.

This is a 7 shot group from the 50 yard line.
A ten shot group from the fifty.
The XCR performed well throughout the 160 rounds of Wolf 7.62x39 I put down range. At the last 20 rounds I had a couple of primer light strikes. Hopefully, that is an anomaly.

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