Sunday, July 19, 2009

DSC: Carbine Drills

I didn't snap any photos of today's training but it was pretty packed with drills.

We had a lot of people show up today about 20 or so, so the line was maxed out.

It was also very hot today, over 100 degrees, I must have drank over 4 liters of water during the 5 hour training session.

At the end there, I was getting pretty sluggish as the heat was taking its toll on me.

I was using my XCR which was letting me down with a bunch of double feeds. I have now numbered my mags and if there is one or two that stand out causing the double feeds I'm trashing them. Also, my shell deflector almost fell off, luckily, there was another student that had allen keys so I could tighten up the bolt that came loose.

Pretty fun day but crowded in the beginning by the end of the day we were down to half the class about as people started to drop out.

I learned that I have to maintain a high level of concentration if I am to perform as well as I would like.

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