Monday, July 6, 2009

DSC: Urban Unrest Scenario

This is the most complex scenario that Jeff has set up. He must have spent quite awhile thinking about this and designing the elements that were to be trained.

Today's scenario was geared toward a situation where there was an urban unrest situation sparked by unknown events.

The events played out such as thus: We are happily asleep in our beds when we are awoken by a disturbance outside out "bedroom" window. A drop target "threat" presents itself at which point you must use target discrimination to ascertain if the target is, in fact, a threat or a benign interloper.

Once that target was neutralized, you scan the room for other threats and clear them as necessary.

Next, we worked our way down the hallway making clearing the way to our safe where our rifle was kept. Clearing the room and shooing away any unarmed trespassers.

Once we have the rifle secured we continue our way down the hallway out the back clearing away any trespassers and neutralizing any threats that present themselves while we make our way to our family members that were caught, somehow, in this urban unrest.

It was pretty intense situation. A lot was going on. Also, this was a "blind" scenario. So all the participants were off by the club house waiting to be called to the scene.

There were about 15 people to cycle through which to approximately 2.5 hours. That was a lot of waiting around for the people not actually going through the scenario but the waiting was definitely worth it!

Next up Jeff set up a steel shoot that allowed us to practice quite a few elements of gun handling. Transitions, positions, shooting on the move. I would have liked to run this steel shoot a couple of times because it was so much fun!

Well, another intense day with the DSC. My mistake was not to bring enough food and I was getting a little tired because of it.

As usual, everyone involved was very helpful in the set up and breaking down of he different scenarios.

Now, I have to wait another two weeks to do it again!

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