Monday, August 3, 2009

DSC: Scenario with stress and disorientation training.

Today 24 people showed up for DSC scenario day. That's the most I have seen.

Our first scenario was a blind shoot where everyone was moved off to the side and could not see the stage or its requirements for success. Each person was run through it individually.

We started by being told to sit on the ground then we were blind folded and given some instructions.

Then, we were pounded a bit with a body shield like this one.

This was to disorient and confuse use. We then removed the blind fold and engaged the threats that were before us.

This was a very intense scenario and it taught a lot. Most people put up a pretty good fight when they where being pushed around by the trainers. Some people turtled up and the Jeff Patane, the instructor, mentioned that was not a good choice to go purely defensive.

We had the availability of hard cover to retreat too once the imminent threat was dealt with and from there manage other potential threats via verbal commands.

I'm glad I get to to this kind of self defense training to at least get a taste of the possible chaos and confusion that one could encounter.

After the class ran through this scenario we all did it again except with out the disorientation aspect. We had to strike a target which would reveal two other potential threats and then carry out "threat discrimination" techniques.

It was a great day for learning and I learned a hell of a lot. Like I need more practice...

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