Sunday, July 18, 2010

DSC Sunday: Carbine Day

Setting up MEU(SOC) second half

Today we had the second carbine training day in the DSC carbine month.

We started of with a modified MEU(SOC) drill which was pretty fun. We did the same drill about a year ago here where my score was 73. This time I managed a score of 92! I was pretty darn happy. The max is 100. I was using my Robinson Arms XCR and it worked like a charm. It's nice to see improvement and have some kind of objective measurement to back it up with.

After that we did some close quarter drills snapping up the rifles and engaging multiple targets and such based of either color, shape or number.

We followed that up with some target discrimination while shooting on the move. That was a little tricky as all the targets were identical and we had to lower the rifle and make sure we didn't lose count of the targets and then engage the proper target. We failed!

During the second half of the day we set up a great scenario were we had to use our secondary weapon and transition to the primary and visa-versa just for practicing also some support side only shooting. That was a pretty good variety of skills keep fresh.

DSC instructor Jeff Patane illustrating a finer point

Resting between drills.

Slinging a Robinson Arms XCR

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