Thursday, October 28, 2010

Aimpoint T1 and Larue LT751 mount on a Purple Sun Devil!

Well, I finally got an optic for my Wife's carbine. She has been using the irons for a couple of years and liked my red dot on my carbine so I broke down and got her an Aimpoint T1.

Keeps the rifle nice and light weighing in at 7lbs. empty.

Aimpoint claims the dot is 4MOA but it sure looks the same size as the dot on my CompM4s 2MOA.

I bought the Larue LT751 absolute co-witness mount to attach it to the rifle. It's a solid no nonsense hunk of pure beautitude.

It was easy to install as it came with all the tools and loctite.

The only problem I had was finding the mount in the shipping box packed with goodies!

Two bumper sticker, a tactical beverage opener, some ninja powder to blind opponents (dillo dust), The Constitution of the United States, nice product brochures, and a NRA membership form that I'll give to someone because I'm already a member. I think you can see the mount, it's in the middle there.

There it is all mounted up.

Sitting gracefully on the purple Sun Devil put together by non other than David R. Beaty himself.

Can wait to go out and give it a try, I mean...


Drang said...

And now I have to make one for Mrs. Drang. Darn. ;-) (I was suggesting Purple and Gold, since she went to UW. She wants teal. Lauer has teal...)

NotClauswitz said...

Very pretty!!

Gun eTools said...

She didn't want a carbine because the looked mean, then I showed her a some colored variations and she said "I'll take the purple one" :D

I love it when a plan comes together!

NotClauswitz said...

I would like to get a set of real wood stocks for my AR Match rifle. Or betrter yet, build one with birdseye maple (if only) and desert-sand (Flat Dark Earth?) metal. That would look sharp.