Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Defensive Shooting Club Adventures Continue

Last Sunday we had our usual scenario day where we were put through the ringer trying to react to thugs mugging us in a door way to our apt. or some such place.

One thing for sure there is a lot to thing about and no time to react to it!

The scenario really puts this into perspective. If you hear a threat or you are in immediate danger try to stall by talking and accessing the situation just to buy a little time.

One of the other interesting things we did was to see what would happen if you put your hand on the slide of a gun while it was being shot. We did this as a follow up to a previous training class where we learned how to take-away a gun from a bad guy. We know this is last ditch self defense but it's good to have gone through it to know what it feels like.

Here is some video of the recent fun we had:

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NotClauswitz said...

Very interesting, very practical!