Thursday, January 20, 2011

SHOT Show 2011: CzechPoint

I dropped by the CzechPoint Booth and met with Dan Brown, National Sales Manager.
He explained how they get the vz. 58 rifles from the Czech Republic and then coverts them to the sporting configurations which includes a bunch of American made parts to satisfy all the legal requirements necessary for importation.

Great company great service. I'm going to visit his place in Tennessee because he said he can just shoot off his porch into his back yard and since he's using a suppressor he doesn't disturb the neighbors!

Looking at Dan's personal vz.58 with suppressor.

I wish I had lots of cash and a big safe because I'd get one of these rifles just to have. It has a very interesting design in that there there is not dust cover over the breach. It's just open. Any dirt or debris can be easily cleaned out.

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