Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SHOT Show 2011 Media Day: Para TTR

I got to try out the Para TTR. I like this rifle, not because I have a Z-M Weapons LR300, but because I like it! The rifle has been around for over 20 years! A well kept secret, invented by Allan Zitta  and used by U.S. special forces and a favorite on the competition circuit now Para Ordinance licensed the right to manufacture it and re-branded it "TTR" and giving the unique gas operating system a fancy name "DIGS".

Felt nice. I have to get the folding stock! It's too spendy for me though.

All the springs and stuff are in the upper so no buffer tube required. It's a DI gun, not piston!
My Z-M LR300

I had to wear a glove to hold the forestock because it was super hot from being shot all morning long. Too bad I didn't bring a LaRue quick detach vertical for grip to do my shooting with.

If you look carefully, a round is just being ejected and the bolt is just closing and locking in the chamber.

Sure was fun!

That scope was a little too big for the range we were shooting. "Little too Big" yup.

Here's a video of it being taken down:

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