Thursday, January 20, 2011

SHOT Show 2011 Media Day: Team Glock

Matt Chen, Commercial Sales Manager Western Region (Far Left) and the rest of Team Glock

It was getting near the end of the day and the crowd was thinning out quite a bit. That was fortunate for me as I saddle up to the Team Glock booth and tried out the venerable Glock 17.

Matt was beside me putting rounds down range and I was shooting their dueling tree. They had a big box of ammo just waiting to be used and I figured I'd help them out with their load because they just have to carry all the ammo back home anyway.

I must have used up about 300 rounds of their 9mm trying in vain to get the Glock to malfunction. It just kept running and running. Eventually, they had to pack up and kick me out put not before I got a picture and the great people "manning" the booth. You can see all the spent cases scattered around from previous aficionados trying out the great guns.

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