Friday, January 14, 2011

SHOT Show 2011

I'll be attending the 2011 SHOT Show and Media Day Event next week in Vegas baby.

I'll only be there Tuesday for the SHOT Show and Monday I'll be checking out all the cool stuff from the vendors that will be letting me get my grubby hands on their stuff during media day.

Media day is the day before the SHOT Show opens and all sorts or manufacturers set up booths and bring their products to allow members of the "press" to try out their products. That means I'll be able to try out all sorts of firearms without using my ammo.

I'm looking forward to meet a bunch on interesting people and put faces to the places I buy stuff from.

I'll take a some pics and report back!


NotClauswitz said...

Hope you have fun! Anymore I grown to hate trade shows, even gun-stuff. Just the whole scene reminds me too much of work.

Gun eTools said...

I did! I was there for the media day where it wasn't too crowded and I got to shoot cool guns and also try out some Yamaha ATV's too! So the interactive participation was great. The SHOT show in the convention center wasn't so hands on so I can see where you are coming from in that regard. I was only one day there too, which was short enough to leave me wanting.

NotClauswitz said...

I guess it must be more fun as a Visitor/guest at a show than to do the whole set-up/take-down and booth-theater. :-)

Other topic is Jeff Patane's instruction, I feel like taking a class...

Gun eTools said...

Yah, that is the key!

Jeff has some classes coming up.

Tactical Pistol, Intermediate Tactical Pistol this month January 22 and 23.

Check out the schedule at

It's a lot of fun and you learn a heck of a bunch too!

I'm going to enroll in the Intermediate Shotgun myself.

NotClauswitz said...

Sounds like fun - my only shotgun is an old Browning A-5 Humpback from my Grandfather, too nice to go tactical (and too long).
Thinking of getting another Sig P220 in case my one breaks.