Monday, February 7, 2011

DSC: Scenario Day Teamwork

Today, Jeff Patane, set up a couple of blind shoots. That is scenarios that none of the participants see in advance so we are walking into a situation where we have to react to what we encounter.

The first blind shoot involved walking with a friend in a mall and seeing a crowd gathered we were curious to what it was about to we decided to go check it out.

As we are approaching shots are fired. Being legally armed and concerned citizens and trusting in our skills and our best friends skills we advance using cover to to assess the situation and hopefully help stop the carnage without drawing attention to ourselves as potential threats.

Some ideas that were employed were communication, only reveal your weapon when a actual threat is spotted and make sure you take in the situation and scan everyone/thing up and down looking for what is out of the ordinary.

This is easier said than done my friend.

All I can say is it was an eye opener.

The next blind shoot is you are in a situation where you have to react very quickly to a hostage situation.

This was a situation using airsoft. All real firearms were decked and out of sight to avoid any possible mix ups!

Setting up the crowd for scenario one.

Explaining the purpose and intent of the scenario.

What we saw when we came around the corner. Not a pretty sight!

The afternoon was taken up by some good old fashion running and gunning various poppers and paper to train us to shoot on the move and handle our firearms in unconventional positions while maintaining proper trigger discipline etc.

A very challenging day in the end where we all learned a lot of new things about ourselves. Of course it was also super fun! I managed to draw and fire ten rounds into the A zone of an ISPC target in 3.36 secs. Draw time was 1.48. That was fun!

We also did a modified Tri-Lambda drill with hostage targets. The Tri-Lambda drill is one of Kyle Lamb's VTAC drills.

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