Thursday, August 11, 2011

Krebs Custom Saiga 12 = Awesome!

This is a Krebs Custom Saiga 12 conversion.

I originally saw one at the 2011 SHOT Show and liked the clean lines and adherence to the original Saiga 12K pattern with improvements by Krebs.

At the time I didn't think they made them California compliant so I moved on to other conversion specialists. I phoned TROMIX and they didn't want anything to do with California. I tried Lone Star Arms, but they didn't want to have anything to do with California either. I talked to the folks at R&R Targets at the SHOT Show and they listened but didn't know they could do California compliant guns (back in January), Next I tried Red Jacket. They were on board to create a California compliant gun but I didn't know about their dumb show at the time and ordered one from them. They had a 16-20 week delivery date at the time of order. It turned in to a 24 week, then a 28 week, then on and on. I got my money refunded and then the Krebs became available, the one I originally wanted! How Lucky for me.

I bought the Krebs conversion. The quality is great and comes with all the Krebs improvement modifications listed below.

Comes with:
  • Krebs Custom Combat Shotgun Sights
  • Krebs Trigger Pin Retaining Plate
  • Tapco Single Hook G2 Trigger pack, ground and polished to Krebs specs
  • Krebs Mark VI Enhanced Selector Lever
  • Krebs Saiga-12 Muzzle Break

They take the sporterized version of the Saiga 12 that is legally imported from Russian.
And turn it into the Saiga-12K which can't be imported from Russia.
The Saiga 12 is a AK patterned semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun built at the Izhmash Arsenal in Izhevsk, Russia. Once the Saiga 12 reaches the U.S. in sporterized configuration you are only allowed to use a maximum 5 round magazine in it otherwise you violate the BATFE Section 922(r) compliance which would make the gun a "non sporting firearm". In order to legally convert the Saiga 12 into its tactical Saiga 12K configuration is has to be reclassified into a "Made in America" firearm rather than an "imported" one. Now, the ATF has a list of parts that can be replaced with domestic parts to reduce the foreign part count below 10 to classify the Saiga 12 as domestically produced. The list includes things like: Triggers, Hammers, Sears, Disconnectors, Buttstocks, Pistol Grips, Forearm/Handguards, Followers, Floorplates, Muzzle Attachments, etc. There is a cottage industry based solely of producing parts for the Saiga 12 conversion process. You can even do it yourself if you are so inclined. I opted to get a professionally converted Saiga 12. As it turns out Marc Krebs has been a gunsmith for a long time and an AK variant gunsmith too. He recently turned to creating a custom Saiga 12 "Tactical-18" about 4 years ago. He takes the shotgun and strips, welds and refinishes it and adds a bunch of custom parts to strengthen/improve on the original design while adding the requisite parts to make the Saiga 12 922(r) compliant. For example, during to conversion process the trigger group has to be moved forward. This leaves two unsightly holes in the receiver. Krebs weld the holes closed and finishes it like they didn't even exist in the first place. The fit and finish of this rifle is second to none and there is a stamp on the rifle to prove its pedigree.
I finally got to take the Krebs Saiga 12 out to the range and shot a bunch of slugs through it and needless to say I had a lot of fun. Can't wait to take it to my Defensive Shooting Club Three Gun competition to see how it fares.


NotClauswitz said...

Taking that to the Gunblogger Rendezvpous? :-) Sucks to be me, I can't go.

Gun eTools said...

That sucks! We'll miss you man!

NotClauswitz said...

I'll miss hanging out with all my shooty friends. :-(