Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Media Day: Surefire 2211 Wristlight

Had a look at the Surefire booth at SHOT Show to see if there was anything pretty innovative and cool.
Well there was a lot but I'll just focus on these two cool gadgets.

They are wrist lights that are motion activated. So the theory is if you had to draw your weapon or illuminate an area in a hurry you would just punch out your fist and the light would go on. The light emits a 200 Lumen beam and that's pretty bright to be flashed in the face with it at one foot. The light is also rechargeable via a mini USB port which is pretty handy.

They can also be activated by touching the case of the light anywhere.

The two models below one has and integrated watch and the other is a dedicated light. It's still in the development phase in that it's not available until they think about it more.

2211 WristLight

Incidentally, the name of the product 2211 Wristlight, the number happens to match the badge number of Dirty Harry.

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