Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 SHOT Show Media Day: Sig Sauer Booth and the SIG556R

Well, I headed straight to the Sig Sauer booth to try out my favorite rifle: the SIG556R. I know this is so last year. But I still like it.

I'm happy that they worked out most of the bugs from the previous year and this rifle shot really well with no problems. I only put two mags through it though. I liked the trigger and it felt very balanced. Just the magazine shelf could experience wear from metal magazines. That's why the demo guns only had plastic mags available.

This rifle is so close to being California compliant it's not funny. The only modifications necessary to make the legal in California would be to pin the folding stock so it would be over the minimum overall length of 30" requirement and to put a "bullet button" on the magazine release. That could easily be achieved by using the currently available AK47 bullet button solutions that put a box around the AK style mag release that the Sig 556r currently has.

SIG 556R
SIG 556R and Friends
SIG 556R Closer Look, The Plastic Fantastic Magazines Too.
Scott Kenneson Chief Instructor, Sig Sauer Academy
I'll have to follow up with Jarrod McDevitt, Product Manager, Rifles to see if he can swing something for California. I was talking to him and he didn't realize that there is a bullet button contraption for AK style rifles that could possibly fit on the SIG 556R with no modifications. That would be optimum. He seemed very receptive at the SHOT Show Media day and I'm happy to see that the bullet button is becoming common vernacular amongst the gun manufacturers.

Last year when I was explaining the bullet button to various gun manufacturers they were saying "What's that?", "Are you sure?". Now, I'm getting very positive feedback.

Some more photos from the SHOT Show:

SIG 556Xi

Top 556xi, Bottom 556SBR

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