Saturday, February 25, 2012

What are the four rules of gun safety? (For a Glock)

So this person posts on that he blew a hole in his own thigh when attempting to change barrels. He had a Glock so he had to pull the trigger.

went to swap the barrel on my glock 30 .45 and had a loaded mag in it I was far to careless about. Racked the slide, held down the slide lock, released the slide forward and in an attempt to keep the slide from falling onto the ground, put it to my left thight point blank with a hornady defense 185 gr hp and bam. I understand how careless I was and how lucky I was not to hit an artery. Shattered my femur completely and have all kinds of rods in there now and am recovering. It happened Tuesday 21st and am conscious enough to use Irvine Kaiser wi-fi. I thank God for the ppl around me and how bless I am. I hope others can learn from this, not sure. You all are my community in firearms and I'm not throwing in the towel and can use some help and support right now. I know a lot you yall would like to see so here yuh go:

Put a .45 hp thru my femur :/ PICS!! Beware

This pics are pretty gory indeed.


NotClauswitz said...

Holy crap!! One reason I bought the Sig was to avoid that kind of trigger-pulling insanity - "Stop touching it!"

Aaron said...

Took a really good three-evening gun class in McKean, Pa with a fellow named Bob McDowell. One of the first things he started us out with were gruesome gunshot photos to drive home how serious this stuff is. Sure made the class pay attention.