Friday, February 3, 2012

Woman make up half of those taking concealed carry handgun classes

Wow there is a lot of news regarding women jumping into getting handgun training. My wife and I took some training together as soon as she got her first hand gun several years ago. Training was provided by the venerable Louis Auerbach and that was before the crazy training/firearm boom.

Anyway here's another great writeup:

Woman make up half of those taking concealed carry handgun classes in Grand County

Article does not contain anti-gun rhetoric either. Nice coverage of the state laws too.

Every time the number of people who are carrying a handgun increases, incidents of violent crime go down, he said.

“The bad guys don't know who is carrying. Bad guys are like coyotes — they look for the weakness. When there is knowledge of women carrying, criminals don't know who is carrying protection.”

Where restrictive gun-carrying laws prevail, such as in Washington, D.C., violent crime rates are higher, said Dillon.

“Go into Virginia, there is 97 percent less violent crimes because they have a concealed carry permit use.”

It's not paranoia, it's being prepared, he said. Dillon is a 36-year police veteran.


Anonymous said...

Yay I got into the upcoming (April) Louis Awerbuck Defensive Pistol class! But among gun-owners and shooters, how many have actually taken classes? I wonder if the NSSF has any stats on that...

Maine Firearm Safety Class said...

I have seen many ladies come into to get properly trained. Some want safe of mind, others want to be responsible.