Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shotgun fun at the Defensive Shooting Club

This month at the Defensive Shooting Club Jeff Patane spent decided that it would be shotgun month.


We had a giant turn out and everyone was pretty enthusiastic as usual.

We had some pretty nasty weather with hail and everything. But, like true trooper, everyone hung in there and had a blast.

As usual, we learned a lot of stuff.

We trained transitioning to our secondary when the primary "goes down".

And more cool stuff.

I do love my shotgun. That's my take-home lesson.
Jeff explaining something very important.

Jimmy loading during a drill

Jimmy shooting a drill

Setting up fallen targets

Having fun in the hail.

Targets ready for action

Checking our handywork

Having fun in the hail.

Home brew sling attachment

Getting ready to learn

Setting up a new drill with steel.

I'd rather be shotgunning!
I'm ready now.

Double wielding

Loading up.

Saiga 12 Power!

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