Monday, April 16, 2012

Squib and the barrel bulge...

I was out training with the Defensive Shooting Club yesterday and one of the guys was using Herter's steel case ammo.

He was doing drills in a line of 14 guys/gals and during one of the firing strings cleared a malfunction to get back into the fight. Except, this time it turned out that the round was a squib and it traveled down the barrel far enough to allow another round to be chamber.

What happened was this:

With all the noise and focusing on the task at hand it's very hard to detect a squib.

I have been using Brown Bear steel case ammo for years and have not run into a problem. On the other hand I have seen people using Wolf ammo and getting a squib.

I guess there's a bit of a risk involved in using the cheaper grade ammo.

Luckily the 1911 that this happened to held together and no one was hurt. Just confusion because this is a pretty rare event. I've only read about it on other sites.

Judging by the size of the bulge it looks like it took a lot of pressure. Pretty amazing.

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Aaron said...

I had a squib load at the GBR VI during our first Range Day - it was the Johnson Brothers' single-action Colt. I recognized it for what it was, lay the gun down, and alerted them and they pushed the bullet out - my GBR video shows a quick shot of them working on it.