Friday, July 27, 2012

SunDevil Manufacturing 870 Enhance Safety

I was at SHOT Show where I met up with my good fried David Beaty the owner of SunDevil manufacturing.

I was asking him about any new products coming down the pipe and he have me a look like "Yah, there is a little something." but he couldn't tell me about it. Well, I guessed what it was and it's pretty exciting.

Anyway, he did show me that he was making a limited run on his version of a Remington 870 enhance safety.

I snapped one up and finally  got around to installing it on my 870.

I like it better than the Vangcomp Speed Safety as the "Big Dome" isn't as big. I found the Vangcomp's to be too big. The SunDevil's version is a little smaller so it doesn't protrude into the trigger finger.

Also, the SunDevil's safety has a larger left side where you press to disengage the safety. I found this very valuable especially when wearing gloves while manipulating the weapon. A simple flick with the finger and the safety is back on without having to rotate the weapon or do anything odd movements that usually are required.

It was easy to install and looks great too.

Two thumbs way up!

On left is the SunDevil enhanced 870 safety note larger button for disengagement.

On left is the SunDevil Enhanced 870 Safety with nice pattern machined into disengagement side.

On right SunDevil's "Big Dome" is not too big to interfere but big enough to be very effective.
 I guess I should have taken some pictures before I installed it.

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