Monday, February 11, 2013

Gun Spot 2.0 Waiting For Review

Gun Spot 2.0 is almost here.

Just in the "Waiting For Review" state before it gets released.

New look. Updated to iOS 6.0 Lots of great features.

New Home Page to allow for expansion of features.

Improved ZIP code features allows for radius and resolves ZIP code to location.

Nearby search feature includes radius to include in search and map orientation.

Updated the FFL data to include January 2013.

✓ FFL Holders Records updated: 12,700+

✓ FFL Holders Records added: 6,700+

✓ FFL Holders Records retired: 3,500

Total records available for searching: Almost 70,000!

What's New in Version 2.0

The Gun Spot iPhone app has been completely updated with a new look and features to make it even easier to find a gun store near you.

New Gun Spot App features include:

✓ Updated to iOS 6

✓ Radius search option for nearby searches to increase area being searched in more isolated areas.

✓ ZIP search now includes a radius search option.

✓ Address search includes a radius search option.

✓ You can now share on Facebook, Twitter, Message and email your favorite gun store using iOS 6 integration. Inform your friends about ammo availability and more!

✓ Share web pages with double finger tap on page.

✓ New interface

✓ New overall look

✓ Now you can orient the nearby map results.

✓ More cool features included...

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