Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 SHOT Show Robinson Arms

I met with Alex Robinson and he's a changed man. He's adopted the policy of producing products customers want. I had to do a double take to make sure this wasn't the product of some medicated alternate reality.

I was assured it was not.

He saw more and more of his staff modifying their XCR by cutting down the rails to make the gun lighter. 

Now he is finally offering.an XCR without rails but has the ability to add them if you want.

The rifle is nicely balanced and very light.

They have also redesigned the bolt to reduce trigger slap and increase the durability of the plastic/rubber bolt carrier stop.

Also, to change calibers only a small change is required to the bolt apart from the obvious barrel changes.

All the current upgrades to the upper and bolt can be used to upgrade older XCR's which I am very happy about.

Another new product is a short barreled .308. It has a 9 inch barrel. It felt awesome. I wish I had a opportunity to shoot it.

Here's an example where they will cut the rails to the way tou want it. This XCR has shorter side rails.

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