Friday, August 15, 2008

15 Yard Targets (952-1, MP9, Kimber Pro Carry HD II)

Went to the range today and brought an assortment of handguns. I wanted to try each one out side by side to see and feel the various differences.

I shot each one using the same 115 grain 9mm rounds at 15 yards free hand.

12 shots per target.

The first target is a result from the S&W 952-1 Performance Center. I really enjoy shooting this handgun and it is really easy to shoot. I modified it a little by putting a fiber optic front sight on it. This is the handgun I use at the local shooting league to compete with.

The following two targets are from my S&W M&P9. This is a plastic gun designed to compete with the Glocks. I use this gun for all my defensive handgun courses and IPSC matches. It has never let me down and runs perfectly with any type of ammo. The accuracy is not bad at all. I had to move the rear sight a tiny little bit to the right but, that was it. I still have the stock trigger which is fine for me.

The last two targets are from the Kimber Pro Carry HD II chambered in 9mm. I really enjoy shooting this gun. It's very accurate and doesn't muzzle flip very much at all. Part of that is because it has a bull barrel.

The Kimber was easiest to shoot well right out of box for me. The M&P took a little getting used to and is a little flippy, but only compared to the other two guns. The 952-1 is very accurate but you have to be very careful to get good shots because it's not a very forgiving gun.

All the targets turned out to be pretty equal. You just have to know the individual gun to get great results. The 952-1 I am a little more consistent with though then the Kimber then the M&P9.

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