Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My "SPR" rifle

I went ahead and built up my version of a "SPR" to be used for long range shooting of 77 grain match rounds.

It consists of a Noveske 18" SPR SS barrel, VTAC handguard, Timney trigger group, VLTOR MUR upper receiver, and the Noveske signature KX3 flash suppressor.

I'll be getting some glass for the rifle as soon as I decide on it meantime I'll be using irons.

Some people wonder "Why the KX3". Well, since I am going against conventional wisdom I'll explain:

The kx3 "tricks the barrel into believing it's longer" by increasing back pressure to sufficient levels. Second, it "captures gas and releases it over a longer time curve, which makes the guns more comfortable to shoot." So, the kx3 must reduce the recoil forces by spreading the actual recoil impulse out over time, making for a longer push against the shoulder, rather than a fast jolt. The recoil attenuation/mitigation effect, results in greatly increased weapon controllability on and thus more hits on target. Third, of course, the kx3 mitigates the weapon's flash signature. Fourth, the rifles report is directed forward to allow the shooter to concentrate on trigger control and follow through and finally since the gases are directed forward there is no debris kicked up from the surrounding area to interfere with follow up shots and the barrel is stabilized by the additional inertial effects of the kx3.

Plus, I've had great success with the KX3 on my carbine for all the above reasons especially when using it in unconventional positions like supine etc. No gas blowing the tender parts if-you-know-what-I-mean.

Here's video of the KX3 in action in the dark. It looks like the flash is suppressed enough to use NVG with it.

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