Friday, October 10, 2008

My issued weapon "back in the day"

Canadian C2 Squad Automatic Weapon - a heavy barreled version of FAL, intended as Light Machine Gun

This baby was heavy at just over 15lbs. I was carrying 5 thirty round magazines of 7.62X51. But is was a hell of a lot of fun to shoot. Nice fully auto SAW that, at one point, gave me a fat lip!

The heavy-barrelled FN rifle was taken by the Canadian Armed Forces as its Squad Light Automatic. It has selective fire allowing either single shots or full automatic. There are box magazines holding 20 or 30 rounds. The rearsight is the same type of rotating disc as used on the C1 rifle, which can be adjusted from 200 to 900m.The C2 rifle may readily be recognised by the uncovered gas cylinder over the forward grip. The gas regulator takes a light bipod.The C2 rifle was modified by the substitution of a two-part firing pin (see previous entry) and a plastic carrying handle, to become the C2A1.

Cartridge: 7.62×51mm
Operation: gas, selective fire
Locking: tilting block
Feed: 20- or 30-round box magazine
Weight: 6.93kg
Length: 1.136m
Barrel: 533mm
Sights: fore, post; rear, tangent, aperture 200-1,000yds (182.8-914.4m)
Muzzle velocity: 854m/s
Rate of fire: cyclic, 710 rds/min

C2 Light Machine Gun

Adopted at the same time as the FN C1 Assault Rifle, the C2 was the same weapon, with automatic fire capability, a heavier barrel, and a fold out bipod replacing the fore stock (with wooden hand grips for firing the weapon from the shoulder). The C2 fired the same 7.62mm NATO cartridge as the FN, either from the standard 20 round magazine for the C1, or from the intended 30 round magazines, which were of course longer.

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