Monday, November 3, 2008

100 yard Milk Jugs Shots Using A M&P9

I, at a minimum, go to the range every week to do some pistol or rifle practice.

I mix it up as best I can and use drills that fit within the rules of the particular range.

I have two I can go to where I can cover a fare amount of training.

One of them I can practice rapid fire and drawing from a holster. With these two ingredients and a 25yard max range with targets on a gurney I can cover a lot of drills.

The other range is outside were I can practice with my rifle out to 100yards from various positions like prone, seated, standing, and variations of those positions.

They also have a 100 yard tin can range were I took my .22 Model 41 and my M&P 9mm pistols to practice.

I set up a bunch of 1 pint water bottles and a couple of milk jugs too.

I was able to easily knock off the the 1 pint bottles with my Model 41 and I was able to knock some holes into the milk jugs with my M&P from 100 yards too!

It was a little harder getting it right with the M&P but I hit the milk jugs eventually. I'll have to take may camera next time to see how far off I am to help correct my shots.

All in all, 100 yards shooting with a pistol using iron sights is quite challenging.

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