Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rechambering a Kimber Pro Carry HD II from 38 Super to 9mm

Kimber Pro Carry HD II

Here in California our choice of handguns is limited to the list of guns on the DOJ roster of handguns for sale. I was looking for a nice 9mm in an all stainless steel frame with a 4" barrel from Kimber but none of their handguns were on the list that met with my criterion.

After a little research on the matter I found out that Kimber offered caliber changes on some of their handguns through their custom shop. The Pro Carry HD II chambered in .38 Super was one of the handguns that could be rechambered to 9mm and it was on the DOJ list as approved in 38 super. Yeah!

I bought the Pro Carry HD II 38 Super and immediately sent it to Kimber, they changed out the barrel and spring and sent it back along with the original barrel and all the other parts that they replaced. I had a few other changes made to the pistol so the overall turnaround time was about five weeks. Customer service was excellent at Kimber, I talked with Dennis and he was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Now I have a sweet Pro Carry HD II in 9mm. This handgun has a bull barrel and is very accurate especially with the trigger guard under cut and the Ed Brown saftey grip installed.

With those two changes it now has a very low bore axis minimizing the distance from the grip to the barrel and making for a very natural pointing of the gun. Shooting is as natural as extending one's finger.

A low bore axis is a great benefit because it helps by reducing muzzle flip and recoil while improving sight acquisition during rapid fire. These changes in conjunction with the bull barrel really reduces muzzle flip.

I also added a magwell and changed the trigger and to top it off had the front strapping checkered to enhance the grip.

Oh yah, I changed the sights too.

All in all it turned out pretty nice, I really like the weight and balance of the handgun and it's a real pleasure to shoot.

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I am very interested in doing the same conversion you did. Could you please drop me a line and let me know how much it set you back for all the parts labor etc.?

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