Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spartan Training Solutions

Update: Sadly Spartan Training Solution is no more and has assimilated with another training group.

Tactical training classes are being offered by a new fire arms training company Spartan Training Solutions in the bay area.

"Spartan Training Solutions specializes in providing high quality training to Law Enforcement and Private Security professionals, as well as the legally armed citizen.

With a mission of enhancing officer safety, and responsible weapon handling, we specialize in low light tactics, survival methodology, and patrol based tactics."

I haven't taken a course offered by this training company but I have taken courses taught by Todd Nielsen and Ken Hardesty, which are two of the senior instructors listed on their cadre page, and if the courses that they taught me are anything like the courses that are being offered at Spartan Training then I can safely say they will be top notch and high quality.

I have taken a total of three courses taught by either Todd and Ken or just Todd and have left each course fully satisfied with the new knowledge that I have gained. They are thorough, knowledgeable, to-the-point no-nonsense instructors.

Here is their blog: "Spartan Training Solutions Blog"

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