Monday, July 5, 2010

GunSpot iPhone app now waiting for approval.

GunSpot has been submitted to the Apple iPhone Apps Store and is now waiting for approval.

Some cool new features have been added and much testing has been done to make this first release robust yet feature rich to offer a lot of utility for every gun enthusiast.

A nifty feature is a way to instantly check the validity of a FFL holder via the ATF's FFF eZ Check web site.

If you are transferring a firearm and either dealer that you are doing a transfer through needs to know that the other dealer's FFL number is valid now you can give them the eZ Check FFL number and they can plug that into the ATF's FFL check web site for quick confirmation.

GunSpot also does this automatically so you can check ahead of time to validate a FFL dealear's license number.

Lots of features packed into this first release of GunSpot.

With over 60,000 records kept up-to-date from data provided directly from the ATF this is the most comprehensive easy-to-use application. Look up any FFL gun related information quickly and easily. If you are a gun enthusiast and want to know about retail gun information in your area or any area, if you want to discover new gun sources or just want to see what's around you, this is the iPhone application for you!

- Every gun store in the country!
- Data directly from ATF.
- Integration with FFL eZ Check.
- Look up via ZIP, CITY, NAME.
- Find Gun Sellers Near any Address.
- Automatically saves frequently used addresses.
- Using GPS Find Gun Stores Nearby you.
- Add a Gun Store to Favorites.
- Add a Gun Store to your Contacts.
- Email info to friend.
- View gun store web site.
- Get driving directions.
- View establishment via google maps.
- View Gun Store Density in area of interest!
- Discover places you have never heard of before!

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