Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GRSC XCR Straight Stock Adapter First Impressions

I received a T&E sample of the XCR SSA (Straight Stock Adapter) from GRSC and installed it.

The installation is quite straight forward, just like the RA butt stock adapter.

The SSA also has a nice feature that allows an end plate adapter to be added so the butt stock can be securely mounted without rotating. Previously, I relied on friction to prevent this as the RA adapter did not allow for an end plate adapter to be utilized.

I found the construction and quality very high considering the samples were prototypes.

Even though the color/finish was a little different, I don't mind at all.

The predominant sling loops are a bit disconcerting and a better solution would be to allow the end user to buy an end plate adapter that incorporates the sling loops in it allowing for a variety of choices rather that incorporating the sling loops directly into the adapter.

Sort of like the following example:

I also like the way the new SSA lines up the piston system with the stock so the recoil is now is directed straight back into the shoulder.

I'll be getting out to try this new adapter in some training courses over the next couple of months to see how it works in various conventional and unconventional positions and situations.

Here's a overall view of my rifle with the SSA installed. I have long arms and am tall so I use the rather long butt stock (I have a full metal butt stock because I like to whack sh*t with it too.)

Here's the SSA with the end plate adapter.

The traditional low butt stock mount on the XCR has always been an issue with me as it was a little tricky to get a consistent cheek weld with my red dot. I had to practice a lot to snap up the rifle to acquire the target. I am much better with my AR platform.

Now, I can snap the XCR up and get a perfect sight picture every time with my LaRue mounted Aimpoint. It's was a pretty exciting moment for me.

On-the-other-hand co-witnessing with my BUIS or just using my BUIS I have to squeeze my cheek down a little tighter to my butt stock to get a good sight picture. I would imagine if the adapter mounted the butt stock just a tiny bit lower to coincide with the AR platform then there would be perfect harmony. I'm not complaining about the height right now though because I can all ready do things I could never do before.

So, the benefits of the SSA is that the AR accessories such as optic mounts can be used with the XCR now without having to worry about getting a nice cheek weld. With the RA adapter XCR owners had to buy special low height mounts to compensate for the fact that the stock was mounted low. Also, now that the stock is higher it is easier to snap the rifle up for target acquisition.

Here's a different angle of the SSA

Side view showing off the SSA

Original Robinson Arms XCR butt stock adaptor
You can really see the difference. The original is really low compared to the SSA. Too bad RA doesn't make theirs this way.

The SSA integrates quite nicely with the receiver:

Slightly different view:

Looking down:

Overall view:

Another view:

I think the rifle looks a lot better with the Straight Stock Adapter too.

Hopefully, these will go into production. There just had to be enough interest.

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