Monday, January 3, 2011

Active Shooter Scenerio DSC Day

Active shooter scenario blind shoot today at the DSC (Defensive Shooting Club).

A blind shoot means everyone is corralled off to the side and cannot see the scenario ahead of time. It's just like you happened to come upon this situation in real life and then you have to react to it.

In this case we are picking up our kids from school that some people decided to attack. We come across a security guard that has been injured and take his gun and proceed to enter into the situation with hopes of rescuing our kids. Pretty tricky indeed since we were out gunned and out numbered but this is training and the situation dictated that we had no choice really. We had to rely on the combat triad to get through this!

Essentially, the take home from this particular scenario is situational awareness. It's very, very difficult to maintain situational awareness during a stressful event. There is the unknown, the time to figure out what is going on is very limited because you need to maintain the element of surprise, keeping your whits about you while you assess the situation and try to determine the best course of action. A lot is going on. All I know is that I hope I don't have to do something like this in real life because it's not easy to keep cool while all hell breaks loose!

In my case I saw 2 of the 3 bad guys, unfortunately the guy I didn't see had a bomb vest and as soon as I started to take out the other armed guys the bomb guy did his thing! Ouch!

These bad guys had weeks to plan their attack but a someone coming on the scene has only seconds to formulate a defensive plan. That's a big disadvantage! I guess that's why the police like to stand off for a long time to try and get the lay-of-the-land and have time to play catch up with-respect-to forming a plan, unfortunately, at the cost of some bystanders. Containment seems to be the way to go, knowing that the collateral damage will be limited to the specific region that was quarantined for the attack.

In short, this was a very tough blind shoot and reality check that training for this type of situation is very tricky if you want to succeed.

Here's a little bit of video from the day's events:


Russ said...

more pics would be good :)

Gun eTools said...

I added some video. I only took that one pic though.

K9Partnership said...

Jim wants to know where you get the spooooky music ;) That was a good scenario even though I failed to take the time to get the 'big picture'. I have a friend that works on a post-traumatic disorder triage team for the Union City Police Dept and she asked what breathing methods I was using during my 'assessment'.