Monday, October 31, 2011

Vehicle Tactics Weekend!

Had a great weekend shooting in and around cars solo and with a team. Learned a lot about what is cover vs concealment regarding vehicles.

In summary, if you need to defend from adversaries in a car bring a rifle! Only the engine and the axles will stop rifle rounds otherwise rounds penetrate through and through.

If you are defending from within a car: Get Out Fast!

Also, it's tough to keep everything straight when in a stressful situation so I'm glad I got to train and see what the heck I did wrong and need to work on.

Mostly don't crowd cover and don't shoot above a flat surface such as the hood or the trunk because the rounds coming in will ricochet off of the flat surface and travel about 8" above it and if you are in the way, you're screwed.

I found I loved to get nice and close to the car at the expense of situational awareness.

All in all I learn a butt load and had a pile of fun.

What a great way to spend the weekend!

Now for some photos:

Oh, Alpha Dog Tactical rocks!
Shooting "Brokeback Prone"

Shooting around the car.

Glass Shot

Ballistics Testing

Team Tactics

Exiting Vehicle

Fancy Exit

Panda is safe! Ballistics testing through glass.

Only a flesh wound!

Jumping out!

Here's some video of the class too!

There's some interesting stuff to learn in the video.

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