Friday, November 11, 2011

Robinson Arms Announces XCR Fully Adjustable Stock (FAST)

XCR Fully Adjustable Stock (FAST)

The day has come.  After years of trying to design a stock good enough for the XCR, we have finally done it.  It was a bugger.   We came up with so many designs and got so much input but just could not come up with the right design. It took so long because our specifications were almost impossible.   Here are they are:
The stock had to be:

  • adjustable for length and height for complete comfort, 

  • sturdy enough to beat someone with or pound on the ground without breaking,

  • made from very few parts,

  • light,

  • thin so that it folded tightly against the rifle, 

  • be lockable into both the deployed and folded positions but be easily deployed,

  • cool looking, 

  • affordable.
This was no easy feat.  None of the stocks on the market fit the bill.  No one had a really great hinge mechanism.  Most stocks are plastic to cut down the cost.   Most are built around the awful M16 buffer tube.  
We designed the XCR Fully Adjustable Stock (I think I'll call it the "FAST" stock.) with a hinge made from steel, and the rest from aluminum except the cheek rest and butt pad.  It can be adjusted so that anyone is comfortable with any sight.  
The best part is that it is extremely cool looking.  You have to see it in person to appreciate it.   
We waited until all parts were ordered before posting.   They will run $225 retail and be worth every penny. (link)

The wait will have been worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Why is it so goddam expensive? It's a stock.