Sunday, July 20, 2008

50 yrd targest with AimPoint

Sighting in the AimPoint at 50yds. Here are some of the results. I'm pretty happy with this. I can get very consistent hits at 50yds with a 2MOA sized dot. At 50 yards that means the dot covers an area of 1 inch. The red dot on the target is just over 1 inch so I was able to put the AimPoint red dot inside the tartget. I was getting 2 MOA accuracy on a 5 shot group and 1 MOA accuracy on a 3 shot groups.

This target I almost got a 5 shot 1MOA. But I choked on the last shot because I was being watched! Oh, the pressure.

Here's another example.

My iron sight groups were about 4MOA . It's harder to get a consistent sight picture for me with the iron sights.

I was putting the rifle down and re-aquiring the sight picture with all the above shots and the rifle was sitting on some sand bags.

These targets were created by my Noveske VTAC.

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