Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Green Eyes & Black Rifles" Book Review

Product Description
From Mogadishu to Mosul Drawing on combat experience from Mogadishu, Somalia to Mosul, Iraq, Retired SGM Kyle E. Lamb passes on lessons learned to fellow Warriors.

Green Eyes and Black Rifles: The Warrior s Guide to the Combat Carbine is intended to enhance your shooting skills, and refine the tactical employment of your combat carbine.

New shooter and veteran alike will find a wealth of information, and numerous tools for their tactical toolbox. You will also see references to combat mindset, and its value in training and actual encounters. So learn, enjoy, and most of all....stay in the fight!

I bought this book from Kyle Lamb, the author, after I attended his Viking Tactics Carbine 1.5 course and all I can say is I'm glad I did. This is the proverbial text book to his 24 hour carbine training course. He goes through everything step by step from maintenance, ballistics, marksmanship to tactical awareness and shooting position variation.

The book covers everything that is relevant to utilizing the carbine rifle in a tactical situation, he draws not only from his experiences but from the wealth of knowledge of his former teammates and he gives them ample credit too.

The book stresses the fundamentals of the carbine from how to clear malfunctions, what are the major causes of malfunctions, how to avoid malfunctions to how to properly "drive" your rifle to the target.

Reading the book vividly brings back the experience of the training course. Kyle introduces nuances in the training that is covered in the book but is not stressed to the same extent as it is in the course. This allows students to see a different perspective on a technique while allowing them to utilize what works for them and for the right reason.

The book is very combat centric and surviving a firefight and hitting targets is melded together into a seamless blend of techniques and execution of force. One must always be in a position to bring the rifle to bear in all circumstances.

Taking the Viking Tactics Carbine 1.5 course really brings this book alive. It's like trying to learn a martial art from a book. You look at all the pictures and try to do a technique but are not sure of the holistic aspects or the general dynamics of the technique and without proper guidance you will ultimately only have an intellectual appreciation for it. But, combined the book with actual instruction and you have a powerful combination that cements the experiences together. You find that Kyle Lamb practices what he preaches too. When he demonstrates the techniques he is teaching it's like poetry in motion.

As far as I know this is the only firearms course that allows for the possibility to have an associated "text book" which, in turn, amplifies its value.

I would highly recommend the book to anyone that wants to learn material from a real SF elite combat soldier and all around great guy.

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