Thursday, February 5, 2009

Upcoming Training: Accelerated Carbine

The following is the flyer for this class. Note that completion of
this class meets the pre-req for the coming Vehicle Tactics class.
50% deposit holds your spot in the class, balance due 1st day of
class. Any questions, call or email.

Accelerated Carbine
Date: April 25-26
Time: 0800-1530
Cost: $350.00
Location: Sports Field Range, 9580 Malech Rd, San Jose, CA
Contact Info: Jeff Patane (650)279-2707, jeffpatane@yahoo. com

This two day course is designed to quickly bring new shooters and
those with the basic skills to a higher level of competence. Day 1
will cover the basic functions for the safe and effective use of the
AR family of carbine. Day 2 will move quickly through more advanced
skills. This will be a fast paced, physically demanding course.
Students can bring other carbine types; however, the skills covered
may not all apply to non-AR type weapons.

Skills covered will include, but are not limited to:
Day 1 -Basic functions and safety
-Loading/unloading/ reloading (tactical, combat)
-Basic marksmanship
-Malfunction clearing
-Positional shooting (standing, kneeling, sitting,
prone, use of cover)
Day 2 -Quick recap Day 1
-Weapon transitions
-Threat management
-Non-traditional shooting positions, use of cover
-Supported and unsupported shooting positions
-Live fire tactical movement

Required equipment:
-Carbine (AR configuration preferred) and 3 magazines (min)
-500 rounds of carbine ammunition
-Handgun and 3 magazines
-200 rounds of pistol ammunition
-Holster and magazine pouches for pistol
-Eye and ear protection
-Tactical sling for carbine

Recommended additional equipment:
-Magazine pouches or tac vest for carbine magazines
-Optical sight (EOtech, Aimpoint, ACOG, etc)
-Hat or head covering
-Note taking materials (pen and paper)
-Personal water supply/snacks
-Knee and elbow pads


NOTE: This course will meet the prerequisite for the Vehicle Tactics
course scheduled for May 23-24.

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