Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scenario Day With a Twist

Today's training there were only four students then in later in the afternoon two more showed up for a total of six. That means there was a lot of practicing today, I almost ran out of ammo. At the end of the day I had nine rounds left!

Since it was a pretty windy day we restricted our targets to steel poppers and bowling pins. The first round consisted three groups of steel poppers set up so short poppers were in front of tall poppers. One group of eight, one group of three and a single popper in between the two groups equa-distance from either group in the middle.

Lots of variations: we went through timed. - Controlled pairs

Not timed. - Controlled pairs

Off hand

Offhand with a clamp

Timed - single shot

Not timed - single shot.

Next we moved on to bowling pins. Those suckers are hard to hit!

Shooting through barricades. Three barricades total. Order of shooting through portals:

Up/Down Down/Up Up/Down

Primary/Seconday hand shooting alternating between portals.

Timed for stress.

"666" drill

Six shots

Six barricade portals

Six bowling pins

One shot at each portal to hit a bowling pin, timed.

Shooting steel poppers

"Break out drill"

Start in the middle hit the middle steel then go left or right and hit the farthest steels first and only the tallest ones as fast as you can.

What's wrong with this picture

The task was to shoot the bowling pins that correspond to the color on the sign.

What color would you shoot?

The day was packed and we only stopped once to grab a little grub. I found a lot of weaknesses in my skill set but it's good to find them out during training!

The twist being that a lot of off hand shooting with reloads and running to set up the steel before the shooting starts. Being put through a cognitive psychology scenario! Lots of twists and turns to keep everyone on their toes!

80% Mental

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