Sunday, June 28, 2009

Robinson Arms XCR Range Report - 100 yards

Went out to the range again today to continue testing out my Robinson Arms XCR.

I was just doing some simple off the sand bag bench rest shooting to see how small I could get my groups.

I used Wolf 122 gr hollow point. Just plinking ammo, nothing special. But it's the ammo of choice for my and my XCR.

The following targets were from 100 yards using a Aimpoint CompM4s. 5 round groups.

The Aimpoint Set Up Non Magnified

There are four shots all nice and tight and one that decided to go on its own a little. No worries. I'm pretty happy with that. The four round group measures less than an inch.

Another sample target. Not bad for Wolf ammo. Couple of fliers. ;)

These are a result of using the Aimpoint 3X magnifier with the Compm4s red dot.
With a little magnification I could actually see what I was trying to hit!
Magnified set up.

The four round group manged to be sub MOA.

Not bad at all. That's a MOA in the four.

So now I have put about 500 rounds of Wolf ammo total through the rifle and experienced about 4 primer light strikes (I have found out that the rifle was shipped with the wrong hammer spring and they are shipping me the correct one, so that should take care of my light primer strikes once and for all) and about 4 double feed malfunctions (mags are the culprit here). So, it has been pretty reliable as far as a new rifle is concerned. I hope the primer light strikes go away (as I noted earlier, getting new hammer spring) and I'll replace the bad (new)mags (C-Products 10 rounds) with some other new ones... geeze.

I was playing with the gas settings at one point and I turned the gas down to one but then the rifle failed to work reliably so I dialed it up to 2 and there is where it is happy, with this Wolf ammo anyway.

My only observation is that shooting the XCR makes my AR style rifles REALLY easy to shoot. I mean the XCR weighs in at around 8.5 lbs or so (I'll have to weigh it) and my ARs are at least 1-1.5lbs lighter. That is a big difference. I don't know if I would want to carry around the XCR everywhere if it was my duty rifle. I know lugging around a FN C2 all day that weighed in at 14 lbs was a real pain, back in the day. The XCR has the bulk of its weight concentrated at the front along the barrel of the rifle, because of the piston and integrated rail system, making holding it up for mag changes and such a little more noticeable. I have to change my style a little holding the rifle up more and tucked into my side when changing mags. While and AR is lighter there because there is only a tiny little gas tube and not such a bulky foregrip (at least my are nice and lean). So, with the my ARs I don't have to be too picky where my rifle is to change mags, for example. Also, shooting offhand for any extended period of time gets a little tiring.

Its sturdy alright but heavy. I'm glad I have it chambered in 7.62X39. The XCR seems to be perfect for that round, built like a tank. I think the XCR is lighter than a AK47 though maybe not...

So far though I'm pleased with the rifle and the accuracy I managed to squeeze out of it. I will keep it around and try it out during a course or two.

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