Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Book Recommendation: In the Company of Heros

Just finished this book and found it very good, it definitely is a page turner.

The book is about Michael Durant's time as a POW in Somali in 1992 during the U.N. peacekeeping effort. He was part of the "Black Hawk Down" Operation Just Cause. During the operation his Black Hawk was shot down and he was captured.

I found it interesting that the SNA (Somali National Alliance) lead by Mohamed Farrah Aidid at the time had a son that was a U.S. Marine and was operating as a translator during Operation Just Cause. He was the only U.S. Marine that could speak Somali.

I wonder if that fact has anything to do with increasing M.J. Durant's chances of survival?

Anyways, pick it up if you have a chance. He also talks about his involvement with other missions involving the "Night Stalkers".

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