Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gun Centric Podcasts

I've been listening to a couple of podcasts as I make my way to and from work every morning. I pick up some interesting information along the way.

I like to listen to GunTalk Radio

Something interesting every week and you can listen to the archives, it's an interesting look back into history.

He interviews some interesting people and I have have learned something too.

Some people I remember are Rob Leatham, Bruce Piatt and various interviews from his sponsors such as Kimber and others.

Only thing I don't like about GunTalk, if you listen to the archives, is Tom Gresham gets a little preachy about joining the NRA. Luckily you can fast forward over that stuff once you have heard it too many times. Minor issue and indicator how passionate he is about what he is doing.

I have just started to pick up ProArms podcast. So far it's enjoyable. Reminds me of the hosers Doug & Bob McKenzie except there are a few more of them talking. But they get into some funny bantering once in a while.

They interview a wide variety of individuals and it's fun to hear Massad Ayoob speak about subjects.

Between the two of them I have found out about a lot of things I would not otherwise have known about.

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